Phantom Rides in the Gymnasium

  January is such a ball-ache. I put on half a stone over Christmas. That's on top of the three stone I’ve already acquired since I gave up smoking. This January was the moment to try and tackle that with three self-imposed rules: 1) no booze, 2) no refined sugar, 3) no restaurants. My fourth … Continue reading Phantom Rides in the Gymnasium

Armistice Day in ‘Art’ and Popular Culture

It is a hundred years since the Armistice Day on 11th November 1918. To mark it, here’s a discussion of how people responded to that day from the opening of my book Before Journey’s End: The Great War in British Popular Cinema of the 1920s [NB cheaper copies can be found second hand]. The final … Continue reading Armistice Day in ‘Art’ and Popular Culture